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Posted by D. Gerard on October 12, 2003 at 20:27:27:

World-class Assistive Technology Making a World of Difference

Do you have a disability or work with people with disabilities? Are you in need of a free computer? Is your school looking for affordable computer equipment? The following programs and organizations can help you find new or used computer equipment, assistive technology and software at no cost.

1) The Jim Mullen Foundation (JMF) distributes free computers to individuals who have a disability through their Computer Giveaway program. For more information about Jim Mullenís organization, check out the video "ENABLE: People with Disabilities and Computers". To request a free computer, download the Computer Giveaway Application form available at www.jimmullen.com, tell them about yourself and the nature of your disability, and they will attempt to provide you with a free computer and possibly adaptive hardware and software.

2) The National Cristina Foundation (NCF) provides free computers to educational organizations. They collect surplus and used computers donated by corporations and individuals and distribute them for free to training and educational organizations that are partners of the NCF Network. To join the NCF Network and be granted computer equipment, organizations must complete the application form available at www.cristina.org

3) The Computers for Learning (CFL) program transfers excess Government computer equipment to schools and educational organizations. Federal agencies use the CFL website to distribute computers at no cost to schools and nonprofits that registered their needs. To find out how to participate in this program or to register to receive computers for a school or educational nonprofit, visit www.computers.fed.gov

4) The PEP National Directory of Computer Recycling Program facilitates donations of used computer hardware to schools and community groups. For more information, check out www.microweb.com/pepsite

5) The Free Computers for Education organization collects computers that are no longer needed by industry, has them professionally refurbished, and gives them away free of charge to schools in need via local Rotary Clubs throughout the world. For details on how to request free computers, go to www.free-computers.org

6) The Computer Recycling Center (CRC) recycles used computers and donate them to public schools, teachers, and community nonprofit organizations through their Computers and Education program. To apply for a computer, complete the Public School or Nonprofit form available at www.crc.org

7) GiveTech is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco that provides computers to individuals with severe physical disabilities. To request a computer, go to www.givetech.org

8) The Beaumont Foundation of America grants Toshiba branded computers to underserved individuals throughout the United States. For eligibility information and guidelines to apply for a computer, visit www.bmtfoundation.com

9) Share the Technology is an all-volunteer nonprofit that proposes a Computer Recycling program that places recently retired computers into the hands of schools, people with disabilities, and nonprofit organizations. They maintain a national computer donation database where you can search for donated computer equipment available throughout the United States. For information on this project, visit www.sharetechnology.org. To search their computer donation database for equipment matching your needs, go to www.sharetechnology.org/reuse

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